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Project Activities

  • Purchasing and manufacturing dates for local market and export.
  • Providing dates packaging services for our clients.
  • Providing a variety of services (transport, storage, supply, processing) for producers, contractors, exporters and dates manufacturers.

Project Goals

  • Save the region production of dates throughout the year.
  • Increase the market value of region dates.
  • Establish a regional dates market based on display and demand effect.

Work Strategy

  • Providing products.
  • Providing services.

Factory Location

  • Abu Samra, Al Ain. United Arab Emirates.

Location Specifications

  • The site (Abu Samra) mediates an agriculture area which rich in palm trees.
  • Faraway from pollution sources since located in the center of agricultural and healthy environment.
  • Availability of paved road linking the site with the highway and nearby services.

Factory Products

  • Vacuum Date Package.
  • Loose Date Package.
  • Deluxe & Sorted Date Package.
  • Chilled Date Package.
  • Dates Paste.
  • Dates Syrup.
  • Fodder.

Delivery Services

We deliver to any destination within United Arab Emirates

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